My 1st Bukkake Party

From a single woman's perspective

I had thought about it long enough, it was time to stop being scared and just let myself go. I knew I would have fun once I got there, but it was the getting there part that had me at a stand still. I had already met a man named tampa_video_man months prior to the party. He made me feel very comfortable about coming and assured me that the group of people at these parties were nothing but respectable, fun, clean professionals. Still that was not the issue, the issue was I was just plain scared and had never done anything like this before!

The pictures in the Tampa Bukkake members area had given me a good idea of what I was about to get into. I had looked through the website, message board, yahoo group, chatted with some of the members and taken a look at some of the past parties pictures. I was speechless after looking at the pictures. I could not believe something so hot was happening in my own backyard! I could see that these guys knew how to party.


After dressing for the party, I had decided that I absolutely was not going to play just check out what the party was about. A party, oh my god I must be crazy!

I arrived at around 9pm thinking that being on time would be best! I was greeted at the door by a sharp dressed man in a tux, known as Slizeepy, and right behind him, the only other person I knew tampa_video_man. Whew! At least I knew someone.

Entering the party there were a few singles guys but no other ladies or couples yet. I found out that most ladies and couples tend to arrive later. I was the first woman there! At first I saw it as a disadvantage but then I quickly saw it as a time to feel the guys out. Time to flirt a little bit, have a drink and see what my taste was for the evening. Yes, I was getting loosened up a bit.

I sat at the bar in the kitchen/den area and had a drink.....just looking around and seeing what type of men were there. Quite the variety! Since the only one I really knew was tampa_video_man he kept a watchful eye on me to make sure everything was ok and I was having a good time. Well, he wasn't the only one watching me...........I made friends very quickly. But still was determined that I was just here to watch and check things out for the first time. As I sat there and chatted with a few of the guys, some ladies and couples started to arrive. A few of the ladies that left an impression on me were all hot bodied blondes. One of the blondes came right in and took her dress off revealing a sexy "daisy mae" outfit. The other blonde just came right in and took her clothes off. I guess the party was about to begin!

My panties were starting to stick to the chair even more as I was now dripping wet.......a nice slender man with his hair pulled back into a ponytail, that I had been talking to, asked if I would accompany him into one of the bedrooms. I heard sounds coming from the room and was so turned on by it I quickly excepted. As he started to touch me and push himself up against me I could not help but look around the room and see what everyone else was doing. You see I am quite the voyeur! I was now getting myself into a situation that I promised myself that I wouldn' was playtime!

As I sat on the edge of the bed, the gentleman I had been playing with, was now in front of me with his hard throbbing cock out. But it was not only him in front of me there was now a dark-skinned man standing on the otherside of me with his hands wrapped around his thickness. Two cocks in front of me at full attention, without even thinking, I leaned forward and started to suck one man and stroke the other. All I felt was hands all over me, including between my legs, as one gentleman pushed my skirt up. I was nice and juicy by then, as I lay back and felt a tongue all over my clit. I started to squirm a bit......I was still sucking one man until I felt a throbbing inside my mouth......ending with a frothy mess all over my face and chin. Then this guy screams out " Bukkake " (boo-cock-eee)........I finally figure out what this bukkake mess is all about!

I got up and wanted to see what the camera room was all about and headed upstairs. As I started to walk upstairs I met a few new friends who wanted to introduce themselves. Mmmmmmm...........a couple more playmates for me! 

Once upstairs I saw that one of the hot blondes was totally naked on the bed getting fucked like crazy. Wow, what a fucking turn on! She was enjoying herself while putting a hurting on some of the men! My bisexual curiousty started to peek as I watched two of the ladies lick each other but I chose not to join in. I had never been sooooo turned on in my life. All the sexual sounds emitted throughout this place was driving me crazy.

I knew I needed to be fucked! My wish was obliged very quickly by two of the more notorious party boys. One of them quickly had my legs spread wide open. While the other had my lips wrapped around his thick, dark cock. I later found out they call this the Salt-n-Peppa treatment! So, I was in for a treat and boy did I get it. I got the nicest, longest, hardest fucking you could imagine.

Talk about erotic fantasies being fulfilled.........this is was my first time being with more than one man at the same time, it was my second, third, & fourth time being with a black man, it was my first time seeing a cock over 12 inches, a first time sucking that much was a night of many fantasies!

After returning to work I found it difficult to answer my friends when they asked, "So, what did you do this weekend?"

I'll never tell..................

*Ms. Kitty*