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My name is Svetlanna and i love to please men in my videos!
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Svetlanna was chosen out of a Russian mail order catalog and became an instant slut wife to her American hubby. He sent her to Dirty D to see all the wonderful debaucherous things he would do to her. Tonight she heads to the glory hole to show off hr man pleasing skills! Svetlanna pops out her nice big tits and wet meaty pussy. She happily begs for cock as stranger after stranger slides thru the hole in the wall. She sucks the fuck out of every dick and even lets one lucky black guy Fuck Her Russian Cunt! Svetlanna has never been with a black man before but she surely enjoys his "hot cocoa" dick. Watch this horny Russian whore make everyone happy! Dirty D, random strangers, her cucky hubby, and YOU the beloved viewer. ;)

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